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Professional Outsourcing

As the number of HR providers and employees increases constantly, the complexity of management has grown. We are committed to providing services such as supplier management, employment cost management, process standardization and performance management. We maximally optimize the performance of clients' suppliers through the information technology platform: integrate and standardize all customers' suppliers and optimize supply and demand process management between customers and suppliers.

Distinctive Features

  • Full transparency

    Ensure transparent supplier performance and human resource costs

  • High efficiency

    Screen supplier pools, optimize processes and improve performance

  • Reduce costs

    Minimize human resource costs through best practice experiences including decision support, overtime work rate control, demand management, supplier optimization and management

By virtue of nationwide scale network, comprehensive quality system, large database, efficient training and advanced cloud data processing system, along with Manpower Group's successful experience in professional human resources services and terminal marketing services, we have become strategic cooperation suppliers for a number of renowned domestic and foreign companies.

  • Long-term promotion

    Professional performance management, sales efficiency improvement, terminal information collection and analysis, and terminal customer maintenance

  • Roadshow

    Creative event planning, prop design and production, transportation and construction management, on-site execution management, and post-activity promotion

  • Short-term promotion

    New product launch, holiday promotions, weekend promotions, and terminal demonstration and experience

  • Tally

    Vivid demonstration and display, POP advertising, price maintenance, and product replenishment and adjustment

  • Mystery customer

    Audit questionnaire design, tour route planning, store audit review, and questionnaire analysis and audit report

Distinctive Features

  • Efficient management structure

    Comprehensive emergency plan, excellent resource integration ability

  • Stable promotion team

    Provide comprehensive compensation and benefits assurance, career planning prospects

  • Mature supervision system

    Accurate statistical system, excelsior professional quality

  • Accurate data statistics

    Time-effect control of source data entry, use of terminal tools

  • Comprehensive quality assurance

    PDCA quality improvement/control mechanism, measurable assessment criteria

Manpower's business process outsourcing service (BPO) sets up teams in a high-speed to operate BPO works in finance, procurement, and customer service sectors, helping HR focus on the construction and development of core business teams, effectively reducing management and operating costs and time cost, and gathering strength to efficiently adjust structure for long-term development goals.

  • Financial process outsourcing

    Provide services such as accounts receivable (payable), expense reimbursement review, general ledger accounting, financial analysis and planning, audit support, and checkout reports

  •  Procurement process outsourcing

    Provide services such as expense management, procurement strategy, category management, supplier management, and enterprise inventory optimization

  • Customer service process outsourcing

    Provide customer service (voice) and backstage communication platform, IT technical support (voice) platform and other services

Out of Ordinary

  • Efficient processes

    Leveraging on best case sharing and service benchmarking management, Lean Six Sigma improves productivity with an increase of 20% in efficiency

  • Multi-effect driver

    Continuously cultivate professional skills, improve operational indicator and enhance service quality end to end, with over 98% of business KPI achievement rate