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Industrial Research

Industrial research service is committed to providing consulting and services in the areas of human resources market development, vocational training and employment to domestic government departments and institutions that are closely related to the human resources market. We also have an independent evaluation and research center to provide precise, secure, reliable and professional talent assessment management services.

  • Industrial development research

    1. Study the law and lifecycle of development, influencing factors, industrial structure evolution, industrial transfer, and resource allocation during the development of human resources service industry
    2. Study government industrial development policies, regional industrial development strategies and other topics
    3. Provide investment and decision-making basis for enterprises, governments and industry market operations
  • Research on the innovative model of human resources industry development

    1. Innovative corporate business development model and customer service business model
    2. Innovative product model and accompanying organizational structure and market mechanisms
    3. Innovative employee development and value management system of corporate human capital (value discovery, value evaluation, value distribution)
    4. The impact of labor-capital relations on the efficiency of human resources investment, loss of human capital value, and profit & loss of corporate assets, providing case guidance and strategic advice for enterprise development